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Sophisticated equipment

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  Zhengzhou Tuoli has strong product research and development capabilities, advanced processing and manufacturing processes, and scientific quality assurance systems. In particular, it has a management team that is good at learning, knowing technology, good management, and advancing with the times.

  It has truly formed the core competitiveness of the company in terms of research and development, process equipment and business management.

  The enterprise has passed ISO9001, 2000 international quality system certification, and strictly implements the system in all links.

  After unremitting efforts, "Sanjin" food machinery is becoming an influential brand in the industry. Relying on his extraordinary strength for ten consecutive years, he has become the only designated product in the National Baking Professional Skills Competition (seventh to sixteenth), and has successfully cooperated with many well-known cake shops and food factories. Leading technology, excellent quality, and adequate services have become the outstanding impressions of customers and partners on the “three golds”, and the market share is constantly expanding. Today, Zhengzhou Topli has more than 100 distributors across the country, which can provide customers with convenient services.

  At the same time that Zhengzhou Tuoli is doing a good job in the domestic market, relying on its excellent sex ratio, it is more and more popular with foreign investors. Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia are the main export markets. Agents. The export volume of products occupies more than 40% of sales, and it has been increasing in recent years. "TOPLEAP" also has its own place in the international market.

  Tuli Machinery advocates technological advancement, advocates technological leadership, aims at domestic and foreign markets, and keeps pace with industry development. The company adheres to the principle of "professional business practice, integrity and efficiency, and the pursuit of sustainable operation", and always adheres to the concept of using the best technology to make the best products, and brings the best products and services to the consumers who need them most. They are willing to create a win-win situation with cooperating manufacturers and customers, and are willing to do their utmost to build an honest and orderly food machinery sales market.

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