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Zhengzhou Topleap Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Xinmi Quliang Industrial Park and was founded in 2000. It is an enterprise focusing on the design, production and sales of baking equipment (mechanical products).

The company has two brands, the "Sanjin" brand is for the domestic market, and the "TOPLEAP" brand is mainly for the foreign market.

There are two main products in two series: dough mixer series, planetary mixer series and supporting production of block machine and cylinder turning machine.

The series of double-acting double-speed kneading machines are: VFM—10S, 15S, 25S, 50S, 75S, 50SF, 75SF, 125SF, 150SF, 125ST, 150ST (10...125 are all dry powder weight), a total of 11 models, and It is equipped with two sets of manual and automatic systems and hydraulic lifting (off-cylinder) system for different products. It is currently a competitive product brand with domestic specifications, technical content, and cost-effectiveness.

The planetary mixer series have 8 models: VFM-7, 7G, 7S, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100. In particular, the large-scale multifunctional mixer adopts a four-speed non-stop variable speed system and an electric lifting system developed and protected by ourselves. The egg breaker has advanced in technology. Therefore, the performance is more reliable, the use is more convenient, and the maintenance is more convenient. Because of our bold attempts, we have continuously made technological advances, and have become the main drafter of the egg breaker machinery industry standard.

Zhengzhou Topleap has strong product research and development capabilities, manufacturing processes, and a scientific quality assurance system. In particular, it has a management team that is good at learning, knowing technology, good management, and advancing with the times, in terms of research and development, process equipment and management. Formed the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The company has passed ISO9001, 2000 quality system certification, and strictly implements the system in all links.

Through unremitting efforts, "Sanjin" food machinery is becoming an influential brand in the industry. With its extraordinary strength, it has become the designated product of the domestic baking professional skills competition for ten consecutive years (seventh to sixteenth), and has successfully cooperated with many well-known cake shops and food factories. Excellent technology, quality, and in-place services have become the outstanding impression of the "Sanjin" by our customers and partners, and the market share has continued to expand. Today, Zhengzhou Toli has more than 100 distribution agents in China, which can provide customers with convenient services.

While doing a solid job in the domestic market, Tony Zhengzhou is increasingly favored by foreign businessmen due to the cost-effectiveness of its products. Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia are the main export markets, and it has its own agents in the United States, Russia, Australia, Egypt and other countries. The export volume of products accounted for more than 40% of the total sales, and it has been on the rise in recent years. "TOPLEAP" also has its place in foreign markets.

We are working hard to bring good products and services to consumers in need. We are willing to cooperate with manufacturers and customers to create a win-win situation, and we are willing to do our best to build an honest and orderly food machinery sales market.


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