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After unremitting efforts, "Sanjin" food machinery is becoming an influential brand in the industry. With its extraordinary strength, it has become the designated product of the domestic baking professional skills competition for ten consecutive years (seventh to sixteenth), and has successfully cooperated with many well-known cake shops and food factories. Excellent technology, quality, and in-place services have become the outstanding impression of the "Three Golds" by our customers and partners, and the market share has continued to expand. Today, Zhengzhou Toli has more than 100 distribution agents in China, which can provide customers with convenient services.

While doing a solid job in the domestic market, Zhengzhou Topleap has become more and more favored by foreign businessmen due to the cost-effectiveness of its products. Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia are the main export markets, and it has its own agents in the United States, Russia, Australia, Egypt and other countries. The export volume of products accounted for more than 40% of the total sales, and it has been on the rise in recent years. "TOPLEAP" also has its place in foreign markets.


Sales Network

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