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High-speed mixer is a simple type of dispersion equipment

The high-speed mixer is a simple type of dispersing equipment. Its main function is to pre-disperse the pigment, and then cooperate with the sand mill to disperse the pigment. The high-speed mixer is a turbulent flow zone formed by the high-speed rotation of a special sawtooth impeller in the material. In this area, the pigment particles are subjected to strong shear and impact, which quickly disperses into the paint slurry. However, no high pressure is generated at this time, and the pigment particles cannot be deaggregated well. Laminar flow is formed outside this area, divided into upper and lower streams, so that the paint paste can be fully circulated and turned and mixed evenly.
23 2021/06

What are the principles and advantages of high-speed mixers

The high-speed mixer is the simplest type of dispersion equipment. Its main function is to pre-disperse the pigment, and then cooperate with the sand mill to disperse the pigment.
23 2021/06

The mixer is safe, reliable and eye-catching

Overview of the function and principle of the concrete mixer Concrete mixer is a very important mechanical equipment in the construction of the project. It mixes cement, sand, stone and water in a certain proportion to obtain very uniform and dense concrete. It is also very large. To a certain extent, plasticization strengthens the concrete; in addition, the structure and performance of the concrete mixer are designed according to the requirements and standards of the project during the construction process. The concrete constitutes countless movements between the raw materials during the mixing process. And the intersection can achieve sufficient contact, so as to ensure the stability and uniformity of the internal structure of the concrete; in addition, the concrete mixer can prevent the cement from appearing in the process of mixing the material, so that the material particles can be all wrapped in water to ensure The hydration reaction of cement is improved; there is also a concrete mixer to ensure that the hydration reaction of the cement is fully carried out during the mixing process of the material to form a very ideal hydration product; at the same time, the concrete mixer mixes the materials between the materials. The strong collision friction reduces the dust film on the surface of the material particles, thereby greatly improving the quality of the concrete itself and ensuring the quality of the project construction.
23 2021/06

Ribbon mixer is widely used in chemical industry

Horizontal ribbon mixer is widely used in chemical industry, plastic powder material, putty powder, carbon powder, quartz sand, feed mortar, king battery, fertilizer, raw material, paint, dye, pesticide, pharmaceutical, food, feed, additives, refractory materials, new materials, electronic plastics, Mixing of powder and solid, powder and liquid in various industries such as ceramics, metallurgy, mining, dry mortar, and special building materials. 7 features of horizontal mixer:
23 2021/06

Rotors for high-speed mixers for more challenging solid-liquid dispersions and emulsions

High-speed mixers are rotor/stator mixers for more challenging solid-liquid dispersions and emulsions, and these high-speed dispersers cannot handle adequately. The typical feature of this type of mixing device is that a four-blade rotor rotates at a high speed in a stationary stator. When the blade rotates, the material is continuously drawn into the mixing head, and the gas is discharged at a high speed through the opening of the stator. The resulting hydraulic shear can promote rapid homogenization, depolymerization and emulsification. The typical rotor tip speed is 3000 to 4000 feet per minute.
23 2021/06
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